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Mad Robot designs applications, interfaces and websites based on research, science and observation.

Rooted in psychology, Mad Robot puts the user first and designs clear and beautiful experiences for all screens.

Ux design

Creating new products requires insight. Interviews, obeservations, Shadowing, ...Who is our target group, what are their needs, what do they want? Are our assumptions valid?


Designing flows and architecture by building wireframes based on input form users, workshops, surveys and all other data available.

Prototyping & user testing

Protoypes give us a a good indication of how the product will feel and behave. With prototypes we can test, iterate and learn.

Visual design & templates

User interface design

The design of the visible interface elements of the UI of your product.

Design system

Designing interfaces for applications can become complex and difficult to maintain. So creating and maintaining a design guide or design system is important.

Coding the front end

Translating the design guide into usable blocks of html, creating templates so development can start implementing back end functionalities right away.

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Mad Robot is Tom Van Iersel, a UX designer from Antwerp, Belgium.

Tom has a background in psychology and graphic design and combines these two fields to create digital experiences.

He is also a researcher at St Lucas, Antwerp.


Axa bank

Wireframing, flowdesign, UX design

“Tom is a fast learner. He quickly understands complex products & processes and knows how to document them in a simple way. He has also showed to be a great teamplayer: taking in input and feedback from colleagues to improve his work.

He is a nice person to work with, open for constructive discussion, with a proactive mentality. He does not just execute orders, but also brings fresh ideas to the table.

Overall, he’s a capable, experienced and very reliable resource to have in a project team.”

Matthias Barrie, Head of Digital Interfaces at AXA Bank

Nationale nederlanden

Redesign existing app, coding templates, UI design

Internet Architects



Wireframing, UI design, flow design, styleguide, coding templates, UX design